Home Maintenance Made Easy

What’s stressing you out? Put it in Upkeepr. ​

Home Maintenance Made Easy​​

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Get Upkeepr for preventive maintenance and avoid expensive, time consuming repairs. Follow our six-step plan to success.

If you're not sure where to start, follow our roadmap to success

Six Steps to Home Maintenance Success with Upkeepr

  1. Register for Upkeepr
  2. Login to Upkeepr
  3. Tell Upkeepr every item you’d like to maintain
  4. Add activities you want to track for each item
  5. Buy the supplies you need through our affiliate links
  6. Check your to-do list, maintain your things, and mark it done!

Extend the life of your things

Your home and major appliances last longer with regular cleaning and maintenance. Let Upkeepr track what needs to be done and remind you when it’s due.

Reduce repair costs and maintain value

Avoid emergency service calls, expedite fees, and price gauging when you’re in a panic by doing upkeep on a plan. And, retain value in your home when things last longer and don’t need to be replaced. Upkeepr makes it easy. Click on the button below to register now for your free Upkeepr!


Keep things well

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