PCS Move got you stressed?

Get the guide, tools, and peace of mind that you're managing your PCS like a pro!

Moving for the Military

Are you faced with moving your family for a Military PCS (Permanent Change of Station)? 

If you’ve moved before, you know what a big challenge you’re facing, right?

Moving is Stressful

  • Are you feeling a more than a little overwhelmed with everything you have to do and all the unknowns you face?

  • Did you know that moving can cost you thousands of dollars in unreimbursed expenses and losses if things go wrong?

  • Do you wish you could find a comprehensive guide to moving for the military? Moving – especially for the military – is a complex problem with little guidance specific to what you’re facing.

  • What if your stuff gets damaged or lost? How do you file claims to get it fixed or get reimbursed?

There has to be a solution
to this problem that
so many people face!

  • Wouldn’t it be nice to have a detailed guide to moving for the military?

  • Would you like a process and an app to help you track your progress and keep an inventory of all your stuff through your move?

  • What about some guidance in how to file claims for any loss or damage?

  • With all of these, you could face your move as a fun adventure instead of a harrowing trial. 

You could get organized, feel in control, and emerge the hero of your own PCS move story!

You’ll be PCSing like a pro with our detailed guide to walk you through your PCS journey.

Use our powerful tools to get the job done right, and enjoy yourself along the way.

Upkeepr is here to help!

Get all the tools >>>

  • The Perfect PCS Move – our eBook guide to Moving for the Military

  • Our free Home Inventory Checklist to make sure you properly account for all the important stuff you’re moving – your household goods (HHG)

  • The Upkeepr Premium Bundle to help you capture all your inventory details like name, description, pics, and much much more



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