Todd Girvin

I love cars.  I’ve always had an interest in performance and keeping my cars looking good.  I originally wanted a tool like Upkeepr to help me keep track of required maintenance and to help find and refer good service providers for regular repairs and general upkeep of my cars.  But as I talked to people about the uses of Upkeepr for other things like a house, appliances, and pets, or even for luxury items like a pool, motorcycle, boat, or collectibles, I began to realize that it could be so much more.  Today I’m focused full-time on leading a team to build Upkeepr and make it a product that our users love!

Before Upkeepr, I co-founded and worked at Improving, a consulting and training firm focused on Agile development with modern technologies.  And before Improving, I was involved in a variety of other start-up technology businesses.  Overall, I’m a technologist at heart and a learned executive and process coach, working to build productive teams.