Version 1.0 Available Now!


We are happy to release our first version of Upkeepr to the public.  Upkeepr is the app that helps you take care of all your stuff.  It brings you peace of mind by planning maintenance and keeping better records for all your stuff. It also helps you find products and services to keep your things well.

Key features:

  • Manage an inventory of your things including:
    • Name & description
    • Pictures of your item
    • Pictures of important documents or other information
  • Plan and track upkeep activities
    • Record past activities to create a maintenance record
    • Plan future activities to create a to-do list
      • One-time maintenance events
      • Repetitive/regular upkeep activities
      • Ad-hoc schedule of activities
    • Add notes and pictures about your past or upcoming activities
      • Images of supplies or products used
      • Pictures or receipts or other important info
    • Update activity progress on a status board or list
      • Drag-n-drop update of activity status
        • To-do
        • In-progress
        • Done
      • Sort activities based on Due Date and Completed Date
      • See highlighted upcoming and overdue activities
    • Searching and Filtering
      • Find your items or activities with handy keyword search
      • Narrow your view of all your things with item-type filters
      • Change the date-range of your outlook for upcoming and past activities

Who Needs Upkeepr?

  • Homeowners who have to maintain major appliances and areas of their home
  • Car owners who need a maintenance schedule and want to keep records online instead of on paper
  • Pet lovers and animal owners who need to track vaccination and medication schedules, appointments, and other care
  • Hobbyists who want to track the upkeepr of their motorcycle, boat, bicycle, plane, or other equipment
  • Gardeners who want to schedule and track landscaping, lawn care, and garden work like fertilizing and weed or pest control
  • Property managers who track the maintenance of rental or investment properties
  • Collectors who want a visual inventory of all their collectibles
  • Estate planners who are making an inventory and planning the upkeep of all their assets
  • Pool owners who struggle with maintenance schedules for chemicals, cleaning, and repairs
  • Farmers and small businesses who want to manage the care and upkeep of all their equipment