Your Digital Upkeep Assistant

Upkeepr is the powerful, easy-to-use app that plans, manages, and records upkeep for all your things.

Organizing upkeep doesn’t have to be hard.

What needs upkeep?

Remember important upkeep

When the due date is near, Upkeepr will remind you of your plans and show any details you need to get things done.

Easily find information

No more combing through your filing drawer or stacks of paper to find a receipt, warranty card, or notes.  View full records of who did what and when.

Go paperless

Keep it all online and accessible at your fingertips. There’s no need to keep stacks of paper or file cabinets full of stuff.

Integrate your calendars

Show upkeep activities in your desktop and mobile calendars so you can see what’s planned all in one place.

Manage projects

Easily plan, act on, and update the status of related activities. It’s great for home improvement, weekend car care, even taking the pets to the vet.

Upkeepr helps you manage
the upkeep of all your stuff

It’s easy to get organized, and you’ll never forget important upkeep again!

Get Organized with Upkeepr

Inventory of Items

Build an organized plan for the maintenance of all your things.

Organization begins when you create an Upkeepr record for the item you want to maintain. Store anything you want. Got pictures, receipts, part numbers? Store all of it and and get instant access to it on your mobile, tablet, or computer.

It’s so easy to get organized and so powerful to have it all at your fingertips!

Plan and Track Upkeep Activities

Build a maintenance plan with due dates
and recurring activities

See the status of everything on the dashboard. Move activities from “To Do” to “In Progress” as you start tasks. Check things off your list as you go, creating a record of what’s been done to each of your things.

Create a recurring activity

Plan repetitive upkeep as a recurring activity. Watch the video to see it in action!

Check it off your list

Drag-n-drop your completed activities to the Done column or set an older completed date.

See what's next

See upcoming activities in the To Do list with recurring tasks automatically created again.


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