Keep things well

Our Mission

We want to maximize your enjoyment and the overall value of your belongings by helping you maintain them well. We have a lot of ideas on how to do this and are committed to giving you useful tools now while continuously adding more features over time. 

And, we will do our best to maintain your privacy by keeping the information that you entrust to us safe and secure and not selling your identity to others.

Our Story

Over a decade ago, I found myself wishing I had all the maintenance records for my car and motorcycle online and easily accessible on my smart phone. At the same time, a friend who had a pool in his back yard wanted the same thing to track his home, garden, and pool upkeep. Between the two of us, the idea of Upkeepr was born. I took that idea and started building a web-based version, and as I talked to others about it, ideas poured in on what it could be used for, cool ways it can help with regular upkeep, and how we can make a business from the much-loved idea.

Before this version of the product, I took a couple of stabs at building Upkeepr. But until now, I haven’t been focused on just this product and creating the company behind it.

Today though, we have a small team who loves what we’re building, uses the latest technologies, and is excited about bringing new capabilities to our users.

Upkeepr today

Today Upkeepr is a consumer-friendly, easy-to-use app to keep track of everything you need to do to keep your stuff well-maintained with quick access to all your online records. And, we’re working to help you stay connected to the organizations, people, and products that help you achieve your goal of keeping your stuff in good working order. You now have a planning tool with recurring activities and reminders, a customizable information base, a lightweight social network, and notes to yourself, all in one place.

-Todd Girvin, founder and CEO

Our Vision

Over time, we’re going to bring more
cool features to the Upkeepr platform:

Do you love cars?

I’ve always had an interest in performance and keeping my cars looking good. I originally wanted a tool like Upkeepr to help me keep track of required maintenance and to help find and refer good service providers for regular repairs and general upkeep of my cars. 

But as I talked to people about the uses of Upkeepr for other things like a house, appliances, and pets, or even for luxury items like a pool, motorcycle, boat, or collectibles, I began to realize that it could be so much more.

“Today I’m focused full-time on leading a team to build Upkeepr and make it a product that our users love!”

Before Upkeepr

I co-founded and worked at Improving, a consulting and training firm focused on Agile development with modern technologies. And before Improving, I was involved in a variety of other start-up technology businesses. Overall, I’m a technologist at heart and a learned executive and process coach, working to build productive teams.


There’s a funny thing about rules, restrictions, and organization. Having the right boundaries in place gives you true freedom. Self-discipline is liberating because it helps you do everything better. 

Upkeepr is a tool that lets me be intentional about self-discipline, and that leads to a life that is planned and organized, a life of achievement and reward. In short, it’s a life well-lived. I want to bring this type of app to the market so that people have the tools to live their life with the freedom of knowing that they are taking care of what’s important to them.

“I want to bring this type of app to the market so that people have the tools to live their life with the freedom of knowing that they are taking care of what’s important to them.”

Before Upkeepr

My background in business process analysis, project management, and software quality assurance helps us provide an app that delivers.


Keep things well.

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Keep things well.

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