Home Inventory


Moving, whether for yourself or for the military, is a complicated process – and Upkeepr can help. Save yourself thousands of dollars by following our process guides and using our powerful inventory tools.


When you have to make an insurance claim, having details on your personal articles can make a huge difference in your payout. Upkeepr can help create a rich inventory including proof of ownership for all your stuff.

Estate & Survivorship Planning

Get your estate organized and convey the details of your material assets to your survivors with a comprehensive home inventory in Upkeepr. And, invite others to view and manage your assets as part of your transition plan.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Home and Appliances

Get reminders, track details, and create full maintenance records for your home, including all major structural components, appliances, and electronics. Link upkeep to vendors, capture notes and pics, and schedule recurring activities with ease.  Keep your home well with Upkeepr!

Lawn, Pool, and Outdoor Spaces

Maintaining your lawn and keeping your pool crystal clear can feel like a full-time job – but totally worth it when you have your friends and family outside enjoying your beautiful spaces.  Whether you do it yourself or have someone do it for you, Upkeepr helps you maintain your outdoors with recommended activities, recurring schedules, reminders, and online maintenance records. Keep your outdoor spaces well with Upkeepr!


Schedule recurring upkeep and maintenance for your cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more.  Get reminders when the next upkeep is due and keep easily accessible records of when work was done and who did it, for all your autos, cycles, and recreational vehicles. Plus, plan and track your upgrades like tinting and kits including vendor info and product shots. Keep your vehicles well with Upkeepr!


Never forget when medications are due, when it’s time to renew a pet license, or how to contact your vet in an emergency.  Keep your pet happy and healthy with Upkeepr’s simple recurring activities, automatic digital records, and links to products and service providers.  Keep your pets well with Upkeepr!

Luxury Items

Boats and RVs need regular maintenance. Nice jewelry and works of art need appraisals.  Upkeepr can plan, track, and record all your upkeep – and remind you when important activities need to be done to stay in warranty, remain insured, and keep legal with all your toys and collectors’ items.  Keep your valuables well with Upkeepr!

Property Management

Rental Properties

Upkeepr makes maintaining rental properties – and tenant satisfaction – a breeze. Get maintenance reminders, track details, and create full digital records for your rental properties, including recurring seasonal and preventative maintenance. Link upkeep activities to vendors and capture notes and pics with ease. Then use your Upkeepr records to capture all deductible expenses for year-end tax accounting. Keep your rental properties well with Upkeepr!

Business Facilities

Running a small business or restaurant is complicated enough without facility management becoming a headache. Upkeepr helps you and your team stay on top of regular and preventative maintenance so you’re always ready for that next inspection. Get maintenance reminders, assign activities to team members, and create full digital records for your facilities. With your facilities kept well, you can focus on your core business passion. Keep your business well with Upkeepr!

Fleet Management

A well-maintained fleet keeps your customers happy and improves your Quality of Service. Upkeepr tracks recurring and one-off maintenance for a few assets up to hundreds, while letting you plan work for team members and keeping a maintenance history of each piece of equipment. Upkeepr’s task board is easier to use than home-grown whiteboards or spreadsheets, with access from any phone or browser by every team member. Keep your fleet well with Upkeepr!

Home Projects

Yardwork and Landscaping Projects

Planning a weekend outdoors to clean up the yard and plant some bushes or flowers?  Make a list of everything you’re planning to share with your family and talk about who will do what, what to buy ahead of time, and how long it will take.  Then start your project and team up to click things off your list as you get them done.  Plus, take before, during, and after pics to save for later. 

Remodeling a Room

Thinking about remodeling your bathroom, kitchen, or living space? It’s probably more involved than you first imagine. Start with a list of everything you want to do in an Upkeepr project. Then research products and vendors for cabinets, plumbing, flooring, electricity, etc.  Put activities in their proper order, start the project to track your progress, and mark things off as you get them done – complete with before and after pics.  Plus, keep vendor contact info just a click away so you can call or email to get questions answered or coordinate service.

Weekend Car Tune-ups

Ever start working on a couple of vehicles to do regular upkeep and forget something important?  Use an Upkeepr project to add everything you want to do to a simple list that you can check off as you go.  Upkeepr automatically creates a record of what you did for each car and when.  You can even snap pics of progress, parts, and any receipts to remember details for next time.  Later, you can browse or search your upkeep records for any detailed notes or service dates. 

Vet Visits

Ever take your dogs, cats, or other pets to the vet for their yearly check-ups only realize when you get home that you forgot to ask the vet about something important? It’s best to make a list, and with Upkeepr projects you have a live list of vaccinations, dental cleanings, and other things due for your pets.  Plus, you can add one-off activities like checking out a bump or a skin condition.  Check things off as you cover each topic or mark everything done all at once when you leave the vet’s office a happy customer. 


Keep things well.

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