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Get the tools to create a physical asset inventory and share it with your family.

My parents are in their 80s...

Planning your estate should include physical assets, not just financial.

… and my family is having those difficult conversations about how to handle their later stages of life – and after. When people talk about estate planning, they’re usually referring to writing a will, getting their finances in order, and maybe setting up a trust to pass things on to subsequent generations. But what about their physical property and valuable assets?

By the time you reach retirement, you’ve probably accumulated a few valuable possessions. And as you progress through retirement, you tend to collect even more valuable things to enjoy in your new-found freedom. Whether you acquire artwork or woodworking tools, rental homes or classic cars, you’re leaving a lot for others to take care of when you no longer can. 


Gathering important information can take weeks and weeks.

Unless you’ve written a pretty comprehensive will, you probably don’t even have a list of all your physical assets. But if you have made a list, you’ve at least thought about how hard it is to pull together details on your house, vehicles, collectibles like art, and valuable luxury items like jewelry, designer fashion, boats, and more.

In the event of parental passing, many families are left with a scavenger hunt to track down everything in insurance policies, receipts, and other paper records. Then there’s the physical discovery of things with no records to be found. In most cases, with or without a will, gathering important information can take weeks and weeks if your survivors have to pull everything together without really knowing what they’re looking for.

You want to pass on your physical assets and all your knowledge about how to take care of them.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an app to manage it all?

A good inventory system is like having an assistant who keeps everything organized and your files ready at all times.

What you need is a good inventory system, whether to plan for yourself or help your parents, to create and maintain a detailed inventory with all the important assets and any relevant documentation – receipts, pictures, warranty cards – everything. And what if you could share this list with family members?  Then you could plan with your spouse, include your children, and get things organized while you have the time and energy to do it. 

With a system like that, you could complete your estate planning – including physical asset inventory – making for a smooth transition when you want or have to hand off management of your estate to others.

A good physical asset inventory system will have:

    • Individual asset records with details like name, description, manufacturer (or designer, builder, creator), product model, year created, and anything else you want to add

    • A place for pictures of each asset, warranty cards, receipts, appraisals, and any other documentation

    • Tagging to indicate where assets are stored or if they’re part of a collection

    • The ability to share info with family members and the executor of your estate

    • Upkeep schedules and reminders to do any required maintenance

    • A rolodex of vendors linked to maintenance

You need Upkeepr!

Upkeepr is exactly that app. It’s what you need to create and maintain a detailed inventory of your physical assets and share it with those who will inherit them.

Upkeepr helps you:

    • Easily create an item record of every asset including homes, appliances, vehicles, art, jewelry, and other heirlooms.

    • Keep a maintenance plan for each item with one-off and recurring activities.

    • Attach pictures, videos, and documents to every item, activity, and vendor – so you don’t have to go hunting through your photos or file folders to find what things looked like years ago.

    • Keep contact information for service providers and link them to the upkeep activities they do for you.

    • Remember when upkeep is due – so you never forget the preventative maintenance that saves you hundreds on costly emergency repairs.

    • Share your active inventory with your spouse and other family members, so they can help you gather records and manage things as you hand over more of their upkeep responsibilities to them.

Upkeepr is the smart active inventory app that keeps everything – your assets, your notes, your maintenance records – all in one place and makes it all securely accessible from your PC, tablet, or smartphone. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a single place to track all your stuff, filtered by category, tagged by location, and searchable by keyword?

Upkeepr is your digital upkeep assistant.

Create a digital inventory of all your physical assets – all right at your fingertips and backed up in the cloud. 

With Upkeepr, you’ll be prepared to transition the management of your estate to your family whenever you need to.

Upkeepr makes physical asset inventory easy!

  • Asset Records – Asset name, description, notes, location tags, and any other details you want to add. Upkeepr tracks it all!

  • Pics, Vids, & Docs – Attach pictures and videos of your assets. Collect related documents, receipts, warranty cards, whatever. Keep it all in one place and easy to find!

  • Service Providers – Keep a rolodex of all the professional service vendors you use to maintain your things. Then your family and executers can take over the management of everything when you’re ready to hand it off.

  • Secure – All of your information is secured by industry-leading security practices. Your data is encrypted in the cloud and only accessible by you and your account members.

  • Accessible – Access your records from anywhere via your PC, tablet, or smartphone. Easy find info and pull up any records you need in just seconds.


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