Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Yes, Upkeepr is free to use on the web and mobile app.

Answer: Check your inbox for an address verification message. Click the link in the message. If you don’t see a message, check your spam or junk folders.

  1. Service businesses can manage upkeep for their customers and automatically communicate regular updates.
  2. More items supported in the Wizards to automatically create recommended maintenance schedules.
  3. Alexa and Google assistant integration to access your info with voice commands.

Answer: Not yet. We use the email address you provide when registering to uniquely identify your account and it cannot easily be changed. If you really need to, please use our Request Support form below to ask for help, and we’ll be in touch.

Answer: We currently support web browser, iOS, and Android devices. We’re considering smart devices like TVs and watches, too. Let us know what you need!

Answer: Please use the Request Support form below to report any issues or suggest new features. Soon we’ll have a way for you to vote on upcoming features.

Answer: We provide contextually relevant suggested links to our affiliates to help you find products and services. If you buy something from those links, we make a small commission. We’d appreciate your support by using these links if they’re helpful to you.

Answer: Yes, we take your data security and privacy very seriously and employ industry best practices for identity management and data security in our service. Please read the Privacy and Information Security pages to learn more.

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