Quick-Start Wizard

Quickly Get Started

You’re greeted by an easy to use Wizard to help you get started. Skip it, if you already know what you’re doing.

Select Your Items

Begin using Upkeepr to manage your maintenance
by selecting the most common items you own.

View Your Item List

The wizard will quickly create some new items that you can customize with a name, description, pictures, and upkeep activities.

Customize your Items

Add pretty much anything you want about your item. Give it a name, a detailed description, maybe even use hashtags to make it easy to find later.

Next, add a few images. The first will always be the featured image on the item’s card!

All activities related to this item can be viewed on this page. You can easily plan or record more activities, too, or drag-n-drop one already on the list to change its status.

Create your Activity List

Schedule the maintenance of all your items in Upkeepr and view your activities on a convenient activity board. Activities in the to-do list are displayed by Due Date, so you can quickly see what’s next. Open any activity to view details like pictures of products and receipts, vendor names, completion date, and anything else you want to store.

Activities can be regular upkeep like lubrication, filter changes, cleaning, & vaccinations, or more rare things like appraisals, warranty expiration, & one-off repairs. 

One-time Activities

Pick any date, future or past, to set an activity’s Due Date.

Past dates will turn red on your To Do list to alert you that it’s overdue. Things due in the next seven days have an orange date to get your attention.

Distant future dates are blue, and far-future activities might not even show up on your To Do list if you’re only viewing the next month.

Recurring Activities

Setup a repeating activity by choosing how frequently it occurs and any special pattern, like taking out the trashevery week, changing the oil on your car again three months after it’s done, or spreading winter grass seed in your lawn every September.

Once you complete a recurring activity, the next occurrence automatically appears in your To Do list.

Any information you record about who helped you, pictures of the supplies you used, or anything else will be carried forward to future occurrences, automatically!

Scheduled Activities

Easily create an ad hoc schedule for recurring activities by selecting a specific date, then adding another. Use this for pet medication that has to be administered two or three times or for any kind of service that should be done on a specific schedule but doesn’t fit a repeating pattern.

Once scheduled, only the next event in your time line will show up in your To Do list. But once you complete one activity, the next one will automatically pop on the list.

This handy feature helps you plan a set of activities all at once and let Upkeepr remind you when it’s time to take care of each instance.

Find Information

Type in the search field to find things by keyword or hashtag. Instantly see results from your item list or activities.

Filter items or activities by item type with the icons on the left. Select a few specific items to zero in even more.

You can filter activities in the list by items or types, too. It’s a great way to quickly see just what you care about at the moment.

On the activities list, you can adjust the date range for what you see.

Change the To Do list view to look further ahead. Or, set how far back you see completed upkeep in the Done list.

Your settings stay until the next time you change them.


Keep things well.

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