1.21.1 Cascading Delete

Upkeepr Version 1.21.1 Release Notes
Date: Friday 9 December 2022
Location: Arlington, VA, USA

Version 1.21.1 adds some new functionality to the big new feature of Items with Parts. Today we’re releasing better control of parts when removing them from item’s Parts list and when deleting an item that has parts.

Since Items with Parts is such a big capability with many smaller features, we’re in the process of rolling out some minor enhancements to make the whole/part relationship work better. Here’s what’s in this release.

• Remove Part – When viewing an Item’s Parts list, you can easily remove an Item from the Parts list without deleting the part Item all together, right from the context menu (three dots). Remove Part is effectively the same as opening the part, changing the Part of field to None, then clicking [Save & Close].

• Delete Item and All Parts – When deleting a composite item like your Home, all the parts will also be deleted. You will see the list of Parts along with the list of Activities to be deleted in the confirmation pop-up window. Warning: this operation cannot be undone.

Coming Soon!

• Optional Cascading Delete – When you delete an Item, you’ll have the option of deleting all the parts of the item and their parts recursively or just deleting the top-level item and leaving its parts as top-level items.

• Moving Composite Items – When you move an item to another account, you’ll have the option of also moving all of that item’s parts and their parts, all the way down.