1.22 Bicycle Item Type

Upkeepr Version 1.22 Release Notes
Date: Wednesday 1 March 2023
Location: Arlington, VA, USA

Version 1.22 brings a new type of item to Upkeepr: Bicycle! Bicyclists will love the selection of bike types in the Item Wizard and the customizable list of recommended upkeep activities for each.

You’ve long been able to use Upkeepr for any type of item you want since it’s completely customizable. But, it’s nice to have built-in item types for common things, complete with common info fields and recommended upkeep.

Item Type: Bicycle – When adding a new item with the Wizard, you can pick the Bicycle item type or just search.

Select Bicycle in the Wizard Search for Road bike

Wizards for Different Kinds of Bike – After selecting the Bicycle item type, choose the Item Wizard that matches your bike. The next step is to name your bike and upload a pic.

Select Specific Bike in the Wizard Customize Bike Name and Pic

Bicycle Common Info – Enter the common info, like manufacturer, model, year built, etc. Upkeepr will automatically generate an item description that you can override later.

Bicycle Common Info Fields

Upkeep Activities – As usual, unselect any recommended activities you don’t want, change the frequency of recurrence, or add your own custom activities at the bottom. For example, you may not want to schedule lubricating the drive train if you do it after every ride.

Customize Bicycle Upkeep Activities

Remember, you can add components to your bike like shifters and derailleurs, brakes, wheels, or pedals – whatever you want! This makes it easy to remember when you installed a customization and view a rich profile on your bike at any time. See Release 1.21 – Items with Parts for more info.

Coming Soon!
Other New Item Types – We’ll be adding other new item types soon to make it easier to maintain everything you care about.
Deleting Your Login – We’re adding the ability to delete your login and all your uploaded info from Upkeepr, per common General Data Protection regulations.