1.21 Items with Parts

Upkeepr Version 1.21 Release Notes
Date: Friday 25 November 2022
Location: Arlington, VA, USA

This release, Version 1.21, introduces a huge new feature! Today we’re rolling out the ability connect an Item with Parts. This is great for making rooms and major appliances part of a home so when you move or delete the home, it will move or delete all the related parts.

Since Items with Parts is such a big capability with many smaller features, we’re going to roll them out over the next few releases. Here’s what’s in this release.

• Part Of field – When creating or editing an Item like an appliance, you can select another item like your home that this item is a Part of.

• Parts list – When viewing the parent item like your home, select the Parts tab (or select the Parts section from the drop-down menu on the mobile app) to see all the other items that are part of this one.

• Edit a Part – Select any item in the Parts list (click or tap) to Edit that item. You can also click the Activities List link to view the Activities board filtered to just that item. The context menu (three dots) lets you Delete just that Part.

• Vehicle Purchase Info – Vehicles now include more information fields on the Common Info tab:
o Purchase Source Type: Select from Dealer, Individual, or Auction.
o Purchase Source Name: Type the name of the individual, dealer, or auction you purchased it from.
o Purchase Date: Pick the date when you purchased the vehicle from the calendar.
o Purchase Price: Enter the price you paid to purchase the vehicle in whatever currency you want.

Coming Soon!

• Cascading Delete – When you delete an Item, you’ll have the option of deleting all the parts of the item and their parts, all the way down.

• Moving Composite Items – When you move an item to another account, you’ll have the option of moving all of that item’s parts and their parts, all the way down.