Owning a home is
a lot of work!

Whether you do-it-yourself or contract out, Upkeepr's got your back.

Home Maintenance and Improvement

Owning a home is a big responsibility. 

It’s hard to even know what needs to be done, let alone remembering when and how to do it. 

Regular Maintenance

  • Home systems – plumbing, fire protection, heating and cooling

  • Major Appliances – refrigerator, dishwasher, clothes washer and dryer, fireplace, water heater, cooktop/range, oven, vent hoods

  • Major Areas – exterior (doors, windows, siding), roofing, garage, basement, walls & floors, etc.

Renovation, Improvement, and Other Projects

  • Remodeling and renovation are more complex than you might imagine – painting a room, remodeling a bathroom, updating flooring – all involve multiple steps 

  • Seasonal upkeep, usually a set of regular/recurring activities that you only do occasionally and knock out in one or two weekends – spring yardwork, home winterization, pool preparation

Why is it so hard to manage everything?

  • You’ve tried to plan and organize your records before. You probably have a mix of paper files, calendar entries, to-do lists, and miscellaneous pictures lost in the depths of your photo gallery.

  • With many places to save information, finding what you want later is virtually impossible.

  • There’s just so much to keep track of:  regular maintenance, other required upkeep, due dates, part numbers, sizes, colors, warranties, vendors, and more!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a single place to track what needs to be done, what you have done, and the details about it all?

Upkeepr is a purpose-built app for managing home maintenance.

Track recurring upkeep, plan and manage projects, and keep vendor info – all backed up in the cloud and right at your fingertips. 

With Upkeepr, you’ll never forget important upkeep.

Upkeepr is here to help!

  • DIY or Contract – It doesn’t matter if you do-it-yourself or contract out, you need Upkeepr to track maintenance and improvements so you know what was done, who did it, and when it needs to be done again. Upkeepr tracks it all!

  • Regular Maintenance – With Upkeepr, easily create regular maintenance schedules for all your stuff and get reminders when upkeep is due. Even track service provider contact info.  Never forget important maintenance again!

  • Projects – Organize, plan, and track your home improvement projects with Upkeepr. Capture your creative efforts with as much detail as you want and always be able to look back at notes, pics, and even videos of what you’ve done and how you did it.

Be a Proactive Homeowner

Feel the Power!

Get all the power of Upkeepr Premium at more than 50% off the subscription price!

  • Everything in Upkeepr Basic
  • Calendar Integration
  • Project Planning & Tracking
  • Premium Support

Get VIP Treatment!

An Upkeepr Concierge sets you up with everything you need and teaches you the techniques to keep your home in tip-top shape!

  • Full inventory of your home systems and appliances
  • Upkeep plans for everything created for you
  • Learn the tools and habits of a Home Upkeep Pro


Keep things well.

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