v1.1 Suggested Products & Services

Upkeepr Version 1.1 Release Notes

Date: Monday, 27 July 2020
Location: Alexandria VA, USA


Upkeepr Version 1.1 contains an exciting new feature and a bug fix. Our Development and Design Team works hard to bring you useful new features and strive to improve your user experience by quickly fixing reported issues.

New Feature:

  • Suggested Product and Service Links
    We now provide some quick links to Amazon and Ebay to shop for products and services related to your activities. Where possible, we use the item type to find the proper department and automatically search using the activity name and item name at the merchant site. These links should help you find and purchase products and services most relevant to the task at hand. We recommend naming your items in a way that will be meaningful when searching on a merchant site. You can imagine, an item named ‘2017 Honda Accord’ will yield much more relevant search results when searching for motor oil than a vehicle named ‘The Hulk’ or ‘Love Bug’.

Bug Fix:

  • Login timeout
    We know we have a problem with timeout on your login. This “token refresh” problem will be fixed soon, but for now, we have a work-around. You may see an error page flash up for a couple of seconds while the app verifies your login. If it’s been a day or more since you last used the app, you may have to log in again. Otherwise, the app will just refresh the screen with a new token to extend your login session.