V1.1.1 Improvements and Fixes


Upkeepr Version 1.1.1 contains multiple new features, improvements, and bug fixes. There is also one known issue that we plan to modify in a later release. 

New Features: 

  • Multiple pictures in tile-view of Activity page
    Upkeepr allows you to store up to six images per activity, but only the first image was displayed on the tile when viewing activities on the Activity page. Now, if you have more than one image per activity, multiple images are displayed on each tile on the Activity page. 
  • Column and list loaders
    The Item and Activity pages may take a few seconds to refresh, depending on how much data you have stored in UpkeeprColumn and list loaders have now been added to provide a visual indicator that the system is still working to retrieve and display the data. Below is a screen capture with the column loaders displayed in the To Do and Done columns while waiting for data to be retrieved: 
  • Improved drag and drop with scrolling
    The drag and drop functionality on the Activity screen is now smoother and more precise.
  • Improved caching on Activity page
    Caching has been improved to increase the speed at which information is displayed to the user.
  • Improved overall performance
    You will notice that Upkeepr retrieves and displays data more quickly thanks to code optimization, which improved overall performance.
  • Improved mobile format for adding activities
    On mobile devices, we moved the +Add Activity button to the right of the screen on the Edit Item page in the Associated Activities section. This makes it more visible and prompts you to select it when finished inputting data to create a new activity.
  • Improved Clear Filter button in mobile layout
    On mobile layouts, there is now a button on the left side menu that allows you to clear all filters that have been applied. All activities for all items are displayed within the selected date range when the Clear Filter button is pressed. The Clear Filter icon on the Web version did not change.

Bug Fixes: 

  • The user was unable to change the item type on an existing item. This problem has now been resolved and you can edit the item type at any time and update your record.
  • Text fade in Safari
    When using Upkeepr on the Safari browser, the bottom of the screen did not fade out like it did in other browsers. This problem has now been fixed so that Upkeepr looks the same on all browsers.  

Known Issues: 

  • New activities show up in To Do list, even if outside of date range
    We know that when you filter activities by date range, you will see activities that are outside of the selected range. We are working on an elegant solution for this and will update it in an upcoming release.