v1.2 Image Gallery

Upkeepr Version 1.2 Release Notes

Date: Monday, 10 August 2020
Location: Alexandria VA, USA


Upkeepr Version 1.2 contains a major new feature along with some improvements. The big new feature makes online information and document storage more useful, helping you ditch those old paper files.  The other improvements show our commitment to quality and striving to make your experience better.

New Feature:

  • Image gallery: In the Edit Item and Edit Activity pages, you can now tap an image to view it in large format.  Plus, you can zoom in and out to see details of the pictures or documents you’ve imaged.  This feature is super helpful in reviewing receipts of previous service or products you’ve purchased towards maintenance.  And, the large view acts as an image gallery, letting to click or swipe through your images to find the ones you’re looking for.


  • Faster data access on Activities: The activities lists in the Edit Item and Activities pages have been sped up and just plain work better. We’re caching information in the app so we don’t have to pull it from the server again unless it’s changed.
  • Activity Tile better image aspects (landscape/portrait): Our feature that introduced multiple images on the Activity Tiles had some glitches. This release resizes images better and fits them to the tile according to their original aspect ratio.
  • Hiding the Filter Bar when editing an Item or Activity: We heard you that you didn’t like the left side filter bar visible in edit pages because it confused the navigation. So, we’ve removed it completely on pages where it’s not active.

Bug Fixes:

  • Improved login / token refresh: It may not be completely fixed, but we’ve improved the auto-refresh of login tokens so you should see fewer “Oops” pages. We’ve also made that error page auto-reload the app so most problems resolve themselves if you give it a second.
  • Changing an Activity’s Item is now reflected in the Item’s activity list: There was a problem where moving an activity to a different item by changing the selected item in the Edit Activity page would leave a stale cached version of the Activity on the old items Edit Item page. That little bug and some other caching issues have been cleared up.

Known Issue:

  • Images uploaded from mobile phones may be wrong orientation: We’ve tried to fix these images when we process them to reduce their size, but if they don’t require scaling, they might still have orientation problems. We’re looking for a more all-encompassing solution to this annoying little issue.  But, images always appear in their correct orientation in the image list and new gallery.

Coming Soon:

  • Custom Info Fields (on Items and Activities): In our next release, you’ll be able to add custom information fields to your items and activities. This should give you a lot more control of your data than just keeping notes in the Description field.