V1.3 Custom Fields for Items

Upkeepr Version 1.3 Release Notes

Date: Tuesday, 18 August 2020
Location: Alexandria, VA, USA


Version 1.3 contains a major new feature and some bug fixes. This new feature lets you capture unique information about an item so you’ll always have it at your fingertips. We are constantly testing Upkeepr and fixing issues to improve your experience, so you’ll find a few bug fixes and improvements included with this version, as well.

New Features:

  • Custom Information Fields for Items: Now, you can tailor Upkeepr to record the information you want to capture about each individual item you maintain. The Edit Item page contains a new section called Item Info that lets you create and name your own fields for each item. In previous versions of Upkeepr, the “Description” field was useful because it was a catch-all field that let you store a lot of information about an item. Version 1.3 still has a Description field, but now you can take information you may have previously put in the Description and move it to its own custom field. For example, if you want to record the tire size of your vehicle’s tires, you can create a custom text field labeled Tire Size and record the information there instead of in the Description field.
    There are four types of Custom Fields in Upkeepr:

    1. Text: Enter any combination of letters, numbers, or symbols.
    2. Number: Enter any number and treat the value as a real number rather than simply text.
    3. Date: Enter a date or pick a date from a pop-up calendar.
    4. Switch: Enter a true/false attribute of a record. If switched on, the value is true or yes. If switched off, the value is false or no.
  • Revert and Cancel while Editing: The Save button on the Create or Edit Item, Create or Edit Activity, and Profile pages has been enhanced. You can now choose from the following options on the Save button using the drop-down list on the side:
    1. Save and Close: saves your changes, closes the form, and takes you back to the previous screen
    2. Save: saves your changes and stays on the current form
    3. Revert: reverts back to the original information when you opened the form, discarding your changes, and stays on the current form
    4. Cancel: cancels your changes, closes the form, and takes you back to the previous screen
  • Added a “Day of the Week” selector to recurring activities: When you create a recurring weekly activity, you can now simply choose the day of the week on which your activity will repeat. In the example below, you can see that the activity will repeat on Tuesday every 6 weeks, starting September 15, 2020.

  • The labels on the OK button on the pop-up calendar are more descriptive and are based on recurrence type: When setting a due date for a one-time occurrence of an activity, what was the OK button is now labeled “Set One Occurrence”. When setting a recurring activity’s recurrence pattern, the OK button is now labeled “Set Recurring” (see Figure above). When setting a custom occurrence schedule for an activity, the OK button is now labeled “Set Schedule”. We hope this helps bring more clarity as you use the pop-up calendar to schedule activities for the ongoing maintenance of your items.


  • Recurring activities defaults to recur “After Completion Date” instead of “After Due Date”: We are finding that most users want to schedule recurrences based on the date an activity was completed rather than based on a due date, so we changed the default setting to the more frequently selected option. For example, your oil should be changed three months after you last changed your oil, not three months after the scheduled due date.
  • More symbols supported in the Item and Activity Name fields: Now almost all special symbols may be entered into the Item and Activity Name and Description fields

Bug Fixes:

  • Image distortion: Images that were added to Upkeepr after taking them on a phone camera would sometimes look rotated or distorted. Now images maintain their aspect ratio and appear with the correct orientation, whether it is landscape or portrait.
  • When creating an activity that recurred on Scheduled dates, the last scheduled date was not saved: Wondering where that last schedule date went? So were we… but we found it. This annoying bug is now fixed.
  • Filter bar was not refreshing properly when item types were changed more than once: When you modified the name of your item type more than once, it disappeared from the proper place in the filter bar, and other items of that same name were moved with it. This was a caching problem and has been corrected.
  • “Oops” page appears less frequently: When you’ve been logged in for a while, we update your security information.  This used to show the error page for a moment while refreshing, but we’ve fixed that problem.  Application security works more smoothly now.

Known Issues:

  • Error page still appears after login: Most people see a brief error page immediately after login while we establish a secure connection to the cloud.  We are working on a fix to make this security silent and not disrupt your user experience.