V1.3.1 Tab motif

Upkeepr Version 1.3.1 Release Notes

Date: August 26, 2020
Location: Alexandria, VA


Version 1.3.1 contains an update to the user interface for better page navigation and a bug fix that eliminates the broken page error that was displayed immediately after login. We are working to give you the best user experience with Upkeepr.

New Features:

  • Implemented a tab motif for navigation on the Edit Item page. The user interface has been updated on the Edit Item page with the introduction of tabs for navigation to the Custom Fields and Activities sections. The Custom Fields and Activity sections were previously displayed as collapsible sections of the Edit Item page. The new tabs provide a horizontal navigation scheme that lets you easily view sections of information about an item without the need to scroll down to open a different section.

Bug Fixes:

  • Changed error page that appears immediately after login. Every time you logged in to Upkeepr, an error page was displayed as the system verified your credentials. Since there is really no error, but rather a verification process taking place, the message has been changed to reflect what is actually taking place. Upon login, you will see a new message that indicates that your login credentials are being verified. The “Oops” error page has been replaced with the following message and graphic: