V1.6 Group Accounts

Upkeepr Version 1.6 Release Notes

Date: Friday, 13 November 2020
Location: Boerne, TX, USA


Version 1.6 brings some big features that make Upkeepr perfect for families, small businesses, and other organizations that want to share maintenance activities with multiple people. Building on our 1.5 release that introduced multiple accounts, you can now invite others to join an account so you can share items and maintenance activities!

New Features:

  • Inviting Others to Group Accounts:

Now, you can invite other people to any account other than your default Personal account.  For example, you can create a Home account and share it with your family or an account for a rental property and invite your property manager and tenants. Do this by clicking on the Settings link and then clicking on an account to edit.  On the Edit Account page, select the Invite tab, fill in your new member’s name & email address, and add a short message before clicking (+).

Anyone you invite will receive an email including your name and the invitation message along with a link to either register to join Upkeepr or, if they’re already an Upkeepr user, to see the details of the invitation.  They’ll then have a chance to accept the invitation and be listed in the Members tab.

  • Invitations List:

When you’ve been invited to another account, you’ll see the invitation listed at the top of the Account Settings You can click to See Details of the invitation, Accept, or Decline the invitation. Accepting an invitation will add the account to your Accounts list. Declining the invitation will move it to the History section at the bottom of the page where you can just leave it or undo the decline.

  • Members of Group Accounts:

Any member of an account can see the list of other members and their role on the Members tab of the account details page. If you’re the owner of the account, you can remove other members by clicking the (-) button on the right.

Bug Fixes:

  • Saving after adding a picture:

In our last release, v1.5, we cleaned up the mobile application layout, but introduced a bug that prevented saving after you added a picture to your user profile, an item, or an activity from a mobile phone. We fixed that so everything works again.

Coming Soon!

  • Assigning Activities

In group accounts, you will be able to select which account member is responsible for a maintenance activity. This will let you create recurring chores for your kids, share maintenance activities with your employees, and generally collaborate to get stuff done.

  • New Item Wizards

Wizards will soon guide you through creating common items and their most common recurring maintenance activities. These wizards will help you get setup with a whole schedule for regular maintenance in just minutes!