V1.7 Wizards and Assigned Activities

Upkeepr Version 1.7 Release Notes

Date: Thursday, 31 December 2020
Location: Alexandria, VA, USA


Version 1.7 streamlines the setup process with wizards, making it quick and easy to add common items and activities to Upkeepr. You’ll be up and running in minutes! Version 1.7 also builds on Upkeepr’s group account feature by letting you assign activities to people in your group. It’s perfect for families, small businesses, and other organizations that share maintenance activities and want to see who’s doing what and the status of someone’s progress.

New Features:

  • Wizards

Now, there are wizards that quickly and easily let you create new items and common activities associated with those items. For example, after you select the category of the item you’d like to add, you’ll see a list of common item types within the category, where you can select the item you’d like to add.

Once you choose the item, you’ll see a list of common activities associated with it. You can just check the activities that you’d like to include in your to-do list, add due dates, and you’re ready to start using Upkeepr.

Your list of activities is updated with the new activities that were selected in the setup wizard.

  • Assigning Activities

Now you can assign activities to any user in your group and anyone in the group can see the assignment as well as the status of the progress on the activity. This feature is extremely useful when your assigned activity is dependent on the completion of another group member’s work or to get an overview of who’s working on what in your group. For example, the list view gives you an overview of the activities, their assignment, their status, and due date or completion date.

  • Filtering by Assigned Activities

Any group member can filter activities by Assignment. Just click on the chevron to see a drop-down list of members, click on a member’s name, and see only the activities assigned to them. Or select @Me to see a list of your own activities and all unassigned activities.

Bug Fixes:

  • Group accounts

A number of bugs were fixed related to group accounts and invitations. For example, the ‘cancel invitation’ feature now works properly. There was also a problem with new users accepting account invitations, which has been fixed. Additional validation has been added to ensure that invitations work properly.

Coming Soon!

  • Notifications in email

Receive an email at a scheduled time regarding all activities assigned to you and their due dates. This way you can create a regular reminder of items that you need to work on so that you get all your stuff done on time.

  • Download the Upkeepr app

You’ll be able to go to the App Store or Google Play and download and install Upkeepr directly on your device instead of in a browser. Get the power of Upkeepr in the palm of your hand!