1.12 Searchable Item Wizard

Upkeepr Version 1.12 Release Notes
Date: Monday 2 August 2021
Location: Alexandria, VA, USA

Version 1.12 improves the Item Wizard with search by name. Also, you can lookup your car by VIN/WMI to easily find descriptive details.

New Features:
Searchable Item Wizard – You can now easily find a wizard to help create an item by just entering the name. The wizards still include lots of great common upkeep activities, but as we add support for more and more items and item types, we wanted to make it easy to find what you’re looking for by key word.

VIN Look-up – Just enter the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of your car, truck, or motorcycle to find year, make, model, and trim information. You can still manually edit those fields if the lookup isn’t exactly what you want and add the color yourself.

Default Descriptions – As you change the Common Info for most built-in item types, the Default Description is instantly updated on screen. Of course, you can still override the default description of one of your own.

Coming Soon!
Vendor List – Since item upkeep often involves buying a product or service from a specific vendor, we’re adding a Vendor list to Upkeepr. Soon you’ll be able to keep key contact information and even pics and documents related to each vendor. And, you’ll be able to show what vendors are related to each activity to keep your planning and records complete and easily accessible.

Upkeepr Pro – Features for professional Service Providers who provide maintenance for their customers are coming soon. We’re rolling this out to Beta customers now, so Contact us if you want early access!