1.14 Vendor Lists

Upkeepr Version 1.14 Release Notes
Date: Monday 13 September 2021
Location: Alexandria, VA, USA

Version 1.14 introduces Product Subscriptions. With a Premium Subscription, users can store more information in their accounts. With a Professional Subscription, professional service companies can manage visits with their customers and track recurring and one-off maintenance activities.

New Features:
Premium Subscription – Users can raise the maximum number of accounts, account members, items in inventory, and attachments (images, videos and docs) on items and activities with a Premium Subscription.

Free Subscription Premium Subscription

Professional Subscription – Service Providers can now manage their business accounts and invite colleagues to join as members. Team members can share in managing Visits for Customers. Users with a Professional Subscription can store even more information than Premium users, too.

Professional Subscription

Customer Management Filters – In business accounts, filtering Visits by Customer was only available in the mobile app. Now it’s working in full-screen layout, too.

Coming Soon!
Printable Item Lists – Our next major feature will be a nicely formatted printable list of items for use with insurance and shipping agents. For those wishing to create detailed item lists as moving manifests or inventory for insurance, Upkeepr is your solution!

Tags – You’ve always been able to add “#tags” to your item and activity description fields and easily find them with the Search field. But soon, we’re promoting Tags to first-class properties so it’s easier to add tags to records and see what tags have already been used.