1.15 Printable Inventory Lists

Upkeepr Version 1.15 Release Notes
Date: Friday 22 October 2021
Location: Alexandria, VA, USA

Version 1.15 introduces Inventory features. We’ve added a third view of the Items list with printable cards for all your stuff. This is great for printing an inventory list for insurance purposes, working with movers, or showing people a specific collection.

New Features:
Printable Inventory Lists – With our new printable list of items, you can use Upkeepr to create an item inventory for your insurance agent, for movers, or any other purpose. The printable list can be filtered by item type (with the filter bar on the left) or by search criteria (with a keyword in the search bar).

For example, you might want to create a printed inventory of all your jewelry for a personal items insurance policy. After adding all your items, just select the Jewelry filter on the left, tap the Printer icon for the view, and then click the Print Items link to bring up your printer dialog. If you’re going to share your inventory with someone else, we recommend printing to PDF (as shown) and then upload the PDF to your insurance company or email it to your agent.

Note: You can check the Show More Info box to expand the cards in the printable list to include all the Common Info and Item Info data fields. Only fields with values will be shown.

Container Item Type – Upkeepr now includes a Container item type, which you can find in the Wizard or select from the New Item or Edit Item forms.

Containers have these Common Info fields:
Contents (text): your description of the contents. This will be used as the default value for the Description unless your override it.
Weight (number): the weight of the container in your choice of units. In the US you’ll probably use pounds (lbs) and the rest of the world will probably use kilograms (kg). Only enter the whole number part of the weight, so round up or down appropriately.
Value (number): your estimated value of the contents of the container. This will be useful later as we build out support for summing the Value field in inventory lists for insurance purposes. We recommend using whole numbers of your local currency. Only enter the whole number part of the value, so round up or down appropriately.
Last Inventory (date): Optional date of the last time you looked in the box and updated the contents description.

Context Menus – We’ve added a 3-dot context menu on most cards so you can take quick action on Items, Activities, Vendors, and more.

Coming Soon!
Calendar Integration – You’ll soon be able to add individual activities or a subscription feed for all your activities to your calendar app. This feature will let you either plan individual activities during your day or feed a list of all upcoming activities into your mobile or PC calendar app.

Tags – You’ve always been able to add “#tags” to your item and activity description fields and easily find them with the Search field. But soon, we’re promoting Tags to first-class properties so it’s easier to add tags to records and see what tags have already been used.