1.16 Calendar Integration

Upkeepr Version 1.16 Release Notes
Date: Wednesday 28 October 2021
Location: Alexandria, VA, USA

Version 1.16 introduces Calendar Integration for Premium and Professional subscriptions. There are two ways to integrate activities into your desktop or mobile calendar: (1) Download an activity as an event, or (2) use an activity Calendar Feed.

New Features:
Add a single Activity to your Calendar – When viewing activity details, click the Add to Calendar button in the upper right to download a calendar item for an individual activity.

Once it downloads, just click Open to open it with your default calendar app. Your calendar should grab it an add it according to the Due Date, or with today’s date if it doesn’t have a Due Date.

Each activity is added as an all-day event, but you can change the start and end times to put it in a specific slot on your day. The activity description and a link back to Upkeepr are added in the body of the event for quick reference.

Subscribe to a Calendar Feed – Most calendar apps (e.g. Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple Calendar) allow you to add an Internet calendar feed. With an Upkeepr calendar feed, you can get all the activities from one account fed into your calendar app, showing activities when they’re due for each day. You can pick a feed in the Settings panel for Calendar Feeds (only available to Premium subscribers and above).

1. In your list of accounts, filter activities to those you want on your calendar. You can chose between All, Unassigned, Assigned to Self and Unassigned, or just assigned to you (your name).
2. Next tap the Copy Feed URL button to copy the feed URL to your clipboard.
3. Finally, go to your calendar app and add the calendar. Different apps do this different ways.
– Google Calendar calls the Subscriptions and you can easily add one with the + (plus) button next to your Other calendars section on the left.
– In Outlook you can add a URL in the File > Account Settings > Internet Calendars tab.
– In the Calendar app on a Mac, choose File > New Calendar Subscription and paste in the URL you copied.

Activities will show up as All Day Events that don’t block your time. They’re usually at the top of each day. You can open them to see all activity details inside and click the link back to Upkeepr to change the details like the status, upload pics, or update the notes.

Additional Item Types – Based on feedback from some power users, we’ve added additional item types so you can track activities for all your stuff, all in Upkeepr, and have a single to-do list.

Identity Card: These are typically cards you keep in your wallet, purse, or desk drawer. Upkeepr can remind you when the card is expiring so you can be sure you get a new one or do important stuff like renew your passport.

Business: A company or charity organization that has standard yearly and quarterly filings. Since Upkeepr is great for small businesses to track all their maintenance, we added activities for upkeep on the business entity, too.

Payment Account: These are credit cards and loans that have a monthly payment activity at the same date each month.

Coming Soon!
Bulk Item Upload – Especially for our business users, we’re adding the ability to create many items at once by uploading a table from a CSV file. For example, a Country Club facilities manager could bulk upload all the Golf Carts or Lawn Mowers with the manufacturer, model number, and serial number for each, automatically creating maintenance activities for each.

Tags – You’ve always been able to add “#tags” to your item and activity description fields and easily find them with the Search field. But soon, we’re promoting Tags to first-class properties so it’s easier to add tags to records and see what tags have already been used.