1.17 How-To Guides

Upkeepr Version 1.17 Release Notes
Date: Tuesday 16 November 2021
Location: Alexandria, VA, USA

Version 1.17 adds suggested YouTube “How To” Guides on activities.  With a single click, you can search YouTube for “How To” guides for your upkeep activity.   And, we’ve made a few other usability enhancements, too.

New Features:
YouTube How-To Guide – When viewing activity details, click the YouTube How-To button in the suggestions tab.

Just one click of this button will open a browser tab with YouTube and the search criteria already filled in for you.

• Better Item Creation – When using the wizard to create an item with a subtype, like an Animal of type Dog, we set the Type field automatically, so you don’t have to.

• Faster Item & Activity Creation – We improved the performance of our wizards when creating items with lots of activities. How many can you create in just five minutes?

Coming Soon!
• Tags – You’ve always been able to add “#tags” to your item and activity description fields and easily find them with the Search field. But soon, we’re promoting Tags to first-class properties so it’s easier to add tags to records and see what tags have already been used.

Projects – We’ve had some requests for lists of activities all related to a project, like “Home Renovation”, “Remodeling the Bathroom”, or even “Veterinarian Visit for all the Animals”. Upkeepr projects will let you plan and execute projects, then mark them complete and get them out of view unless you want to go back to see what you did.