1.19 Projects

Upkeepr Version 1.19 Release Notes
Date: Wednesday 4 May 2022
Location: Alexandria, VA, USA

Version 1.19 brings the long-awaited capability of Projects.  Found on the top menu for Premium and Professional subscribers only, our easy-to-use but very powerful Projects feature lets you plan and track related activities like Spring Yardwork, Remodeling a Room, Car Tune-Ups, Pet Vet Visits, and much, much more.  With projects, you can easily plan, act on, and update the status of project activities. You can assign a project to a member of your household or work group, set a due date, update the project status, and view the overall progress of activities at a glance.

New Features:
Since projects are such a big addition to Upkeepr with many smaller capabilities, we’re going to list each feature here to give you an idea of what it can do.

Projects List – Projects is a top-level tab, and when selected, shows all your projects – upcoming, in-progress, finished, or cancelled. Here’s how to create a new project.
1. Select the top-level Projects tab.
2. Click the + Project button to open the Create New Project form.
Empty Project List

Plan a Project – After clicking the + Project button, fill out some details and save it.
1. Enter the project Name, any Notes, and Due Date if you have one.
2. Also, in group accounts, you can Assign the project to team member if you want.
3. Once you’ve added some details, click Save.
Create New Project4. Toggle on the Planning switch and add some activities from related items.
Project Planning5. Drag-n-drop activities to change their order in the list.

Start a Project – With your activities added and ordered, start the Project by clicking the Start button. This changes the status to In Progress and shows a progress bar at the top of the activities list.
1. Change an activity status by clicking the status on the right. One click shows In Progress and a second marks it Done.  A third click puts it back at To Do.
Project Planning2. When activities are Done, they’re moved down to the Done list to get them out of the way.

Finish a Project – When your project is done, click the Finish button to mark it completed.
1. Click the Finish button to change the project status to Finished and get prompted to wrap things up.
Project Planning2. When prompted, you can check the box to Mark All Activities Done before clicking Finish in the lower right.
3. Click Finish to close out the dialog, set the Completed Date to today, and save the project.

Vendor Activities – We fixed some issues with vendors linked to activities. If you delete an activity linked to a vendor, that link is now properly removed and the activity will no longer show up in the vendor’s activity list.

Coming Soon!
Improved Usability – Now that we’ve released the big Projects feature, we’re going to change our focus to smaller improvements. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be making many small improvements to polish existing features and improve ease of use.