A Unique Gift for The Person Who Has Everything

For the Person who has Everything – Five Ways a Digital Upkeep Assistant Can Help Them Enjoy It All

For the person who has everything, it can be challenging to keep up with everything that needs to be done to maintain it all. It turns out, just about everything of value requires upkeep. From our most expensive fixed assets like homes, appliances, and vehicles to the things we interact with every day like pets, furniture, and jewelry – it all requires upkeep. The person who has everything needs a tool that helps you manage everything.

Here’s what Upkeepr – Your Digital Upkeep Assistant – can help you with:

1. A Happy Home

The key to a happy home is great communication and keeping a positive attitude. That’s made easier when your spouse doesn’t have to ride you like an old stubborn mule to get you to tick a few things off your honey-do list. Besides the cost to your relationship, neglecting your stuff can lead to frustrating breakdowns and budget-breaking repairs.
Upkeepr replaces the typical honey-do list with a visible recurring upkeep plan and reminders so you can get things done without the spouse nagging you. Here’s what it helps you with in your home:

Happy Couple Enjoying Their Homea. Home System upkeep like replacing HVAC filters, flushing your hot water heater, draining external faucets for winter, and testing smoke detectors
b. Appliance upkeep like replacing the refrigerator filter, cleaning the dishwasher drain, and detangling vacuum cleaner brushes
c. Caring for furniture like cleaning, treating leather, and repairing scratches
d. Keeping details on jewelry, furniture, and electronics’ make, model, and warranty info
e. Cleaning and treating drains, jets, pumps, and filters on your pool, hot tub, or fountain

Using Upkeepr for home upkeep can not only save your sanity, it can make you happier to be around and maybe even save your marriage!

2. Safe Road Trips

If you’re planning any road-trips for the holidays, or even just concerned about suffering car trouble in the winter weather, it’s good to have a system to ensure your vehicle is in tip-top condition. Yes, many cars these days remind you of the basics like getting your oil changed and checking your tire pressure, but they still aren’t good at tracking major service. Upkeepr not only reminds you when vehicle upkeep should be done, it remembers the name of your last service vendor, and keeps notes to remind you how to do it again next time. Here’s what Upkeepr helps you with in keeping your car running smoothly, safely, and efficiently:

a. Regular checks of tire pressure and tread wear
b. Regular wheel and suspension alignment
c. Checking and topping off fluids (radiator, brakes, window washer, etc.)
d. Replacing windshield wipers
e. Cleaning and treating surfaces inside and out
f. Cleaning or replacing the cabin air filter and engine air filter

And Upkeepr isn’t just a glorified to-do list. It keeps records of what you’ve done (or had someone else do), when you did it last, and who did it – whether you or a service tech at the shop. Then you can always see the details of when it was done last.

3. Healthy Pets

It’s all too easy to forget when you last gave your dogs or cats their flea and tick meds. Even more infrequent activities like vet visits, vaccinations, and licensing are harder to remember. Other types of pets have special needs, too. Here are some things Upkeepr can remind you of to keep your pets healthy and happy:

a. Weekly or monthly meds
b. Vet visits and vaccinations
c. Grooming and cleaning
d. Washing bedding
e. Cleaning the litter box, cages, aquariums, etc.
…and just about anything else you can think of

You can even assign pet care chores to your children to help them learn responsibility, too. With Upkeepr, the whole family can come together in caring for pets and animals, so you always know what’s been done and when your furry, scaly, or feathered friends need care again.

4. Changing Seasons

Some of the most damaging and expensive repairs can be caused by ignoring seasonal upkeep around the house. To avoid water leaks, cracked foundations, and leaky roofs, use Upkeepr to remind you of these seasonal maintenance activities:

a. Turning off external faucets
b. Covering deck furniture
c. Winterizing the lawn and sprinkler system
d. Safely storing outdoor toys
e. Winterizing motorcycles and boats
f. Watering foundations
g. Inspecting the roof and gutters
…and much, much more.

Upkeepr helps you create upkeep plans for each item you own. That way, your seasonal activity list is tailored to you and your stuff. Plus, whether you DIY or call a service pro to help out, you can get things done and record any necessary details, so you know who did it last, when, and how to do it again next time.

5. Inspired Projects

Whether you’re trapped indoors for the winter, looking to spruce up your yard for the spring, or doing a weekend car tune-up, it’s nice to get your thoughts organized into a plan and track the progress of your work. That’s where Upkeepr Projects come in. Upkeepr helps you quickly build a list of related activities into a plan that you can work on over time. Here are some ideas for projects you might want to manage in Upkeepr:

a. Home Decorating – Revive a room with paint, wall hangings, new furniture, flooring, or whatever. Track your progress as you go. Plus, find how-to guides on YouTube with Upkeepr’s suggested links.
b. Outdoor Updates – For either spring cleanup or fall winterization, group your tasks and automatically create a record of what you’ve done, what products you used, and which service pros helped out.
c. Car Mods – Modify your car, truck, or SUV with an exciting new look or performance improvement. Or, maybe just do a weekend tune-up and deep clean. Plan your steps and mark them off the list as you go. Even find parts or supplies on eBay and Amazon with Upkeepr’s suggested links.
d. Vet Visits – Always remember the issues, conversation topics, and medications you want to review with your veterinarian by putting them in an Upkeepr Project. As you mark topics off in your list, Upkeepr creates a care record for each pet so you can see all the details later. Managing your own electronic health records for your animals means you can change care providers without losing their all-important medical history.

When you manage a project in Upkeepr, you’re not just making a list and checking it off.  You’re creating upkeep records for everything that’s important to you, so you have a history you can access from anywhere.

It’s a Wrap!

While we haven’t exhausted everything in life that Upkeepr can help with, you can get an idea of the breadth and depth of its power to assist. Even if you only used it for these five common needs in life, you’d be leaps and bounds ahead of just using a calendar or to-do list. So now that you know, give the gift of Upkeepr Premium to the person who has everything – and help them enjoy what they have to the fullest – with no gift wrapping required!