Data Deletion Instructions

Data Deletion Instructions

Integrated 3rd-Party Accounts

If you have linked Upkeepr to Facebook, Google, a Microsoft ID, or an Apple ID and want to unlink it, you must do this through the respective 3rd-party website. However, unlinking a 3rd-party account will not delete your user and account information in Upkeepr. If, after unlinking a 3rd-party account, you wish either to make your information accessible via direct login or to permanently delete your information, please contact Upkeepr Support via the Contact form.

Deleting Account Information

You can delete any account that you own other than the default account. You may see your role in the Account details page, accessible by clicking the account in the Settings page and viewing the Members tab. Each member of the account is listed with its role. You can only delete accounts where you are listed as the Owner. To delete an account and all its items, activities, images, and other associated information, use the Delete feature on the Account’s Manage tab. Note that deleting an account shared with others will cause them to permanently lose access to all account information. Deletion of an account is permanent and cannot be undone by you or Upkeepr support staff. Because of its destructive nature, you must confirm the deletion by typing the account’s name exactly as it appears in the Name field.

Requesting Account and User Deletion

If you wish to delete your user profile and the associated default “Personal” account, please submit a Support Request.  Please provide a brief explanation of your request including the email address that you use to log in to Upkeepr.  After receiving a request, our support staff will contact you via that address to confirm that the true owner of the account desires to be forgotten.  Once confirmed via email, we will purge all related user and account information from our databases.  Again, deletion of an account is permanent and cannot be undone by you or Upkeepr support staff.

Transferring Account Ownership

If you wish to transfer ownership of an account from one user to another, please submit a Support Request.  In the future, we expect to provide a feature where you can do this yourself while managing the account rather than submitting a request.